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Entry for February 25, 2008

Dr. Yu’s philosophy of healing is a synthesis of both eastern and western medical theory, of traditional and non-traditional perspectives. Fundamental to her philosophy is the emphasis on natural healing, as drawn from Daoist and Buddhist traditions, which seek to resolve the opposing Yin and Yang forces within the body, whose imbalance leads to poor health and disease. In this view, external and internal causes of disease are acknowledged. External factors consist of dietary, lifestyle, climatic, and environmental conditions including the biochemical pathogens of western medicine. Internal factors are genetic, physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual conditions. Dr. Yu’s healing philosophy addresses internal and external causes of disease, and seeks to restore the balance of the individual's body with the larger universe. She believes that health is a continuous goal in every person's life. It shouldn't be ignored until the body grows sick and then submitted to doctoring. Dr. Yu emphasizes preventative medicine before the manifestation of any illness. However, when illness does appear, Dr. Yu offers a powerful arsenal of treatment options, aimed at eliminating the symptoms, but more crucially, at ridding the roots of disease, in which treatment is administered by the doctor, as well as by the patients themselves.

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2008-02-25 19:57:24 GMT
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