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Pursuit of Optimal, rather than Normal health

The major shortcoming of traditional medicine is that normal is the goal of treatment.

As a Chinese medicine doctor, I do recognize that normal is great when you are 20. But by 50, normal has serious shortcomings. In mid life, being short of breath when you climb stairs, eating less while getting fatter, exercising and only getting sore instead of strong, discovering that your joints are becoming stiff and your skin is losing its elasticity are all normal. Finding that your energy levels and enthusiasm for life are waning, that your libido is fading, and that your body is simply getting slower, weaker and fatter each year are all normal, but they should not be accepted as inevitable.

Free radicals- from environmental pollution, sun light, radiation, alcohol, smoking and certain drugs- cause oxidative damage, which is a big part of aging process. Free radicals are molecules, usually of oxygen, that have lost an electron. That loss makes them unstable (in chemical terms, reactive). They begin to covet their neighboring molecules' electrons. In stealing an electron, they operate as terrorists in the body. They can attack DNA, leading to dysfunction, mutation, and cancer. They can attack enzymes and proteins, disrupting normal cell activities, or cell membranes, producing a chain reaction of destruction. Such membrane damage in the cells that line our blood vessels can lead to hardening and thickening of the arteries and eventually to heart attacks and strokes. Free-radical attacks on collagen can cause cross-linking of protein molecules, resulting in stiffness in the tissue. So focusing on anti-oxidative damage by free radicals is essential practice of anti-aging and intervention of chronic illness, such as heart disease, cancer, and stroke.

Anti-aging 101


Everything in moderation, and eat on time; Ome-3 fatty acid and antioxidants; Supplements.


Moderate excise, 30-45 min/time, 3-4 times/week.


Enough time, 7-9 hours/day and relaxation environment.

Low stress level

Life style-high stress induce inflammatory change

Keep in shape

Body fat produces inflammatory compounds

My goal is to approach each individual with a different goal and attitude. I ask not, “Is this normal?” but rather “What is the best possible for this person to be?” I believe I can help the average person function at a level they have not enjoyed in many years. That is achievable and realistic. That is my goal. I hope you will join me in the pursuit of Optimal, rather than Normal health.

2008-05-29 17:45:56 GMT
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