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Herbs and Chinese Dietary Therapy

1. Green tea: has antioxidant, good for weight loss because it is a psychoactive stimulant and a mild diuretic, has caffeine, can cause insomnia.

Notes: limit caffeined drink (tea, coffee, hot chocolate) after 4:00 pm for better sleep

2. American Ginseng
: mild, slightly cool energy, tonify qi, energy booster, anti-aging, increase blood pressure, potentially cause diarrhea

Korean ginseng: strong, hot energy, tonify qi, energy booster, increase blood pressure, can cause nose bleeding if a person already has a hot body condition; used in emergency room in China, help people regain consciousness. No. 1 qi tonic among all the Chinese herbs.

Notes: not every one need a qi tonic

3. Rose flower: mild, improve blood circulation, improve facial color, regulate menstrual flow

Notes: a beauty secret for queens in ancient China

4. Chamomile flower: anti-inflammatory, reduce blood pressure, good for fevers, sore throats, the aches and pains due to colds, flu, and allergies.

5. A Jiao: made with donkey skin! Tonify blood, good for dry skin, dry hair, constipation, general tonic for blood deficiency body condition.

Walnuts and black sesame, shape of brain and kidney, tonify brain and kidney, good for dry skin, dry gray hair, constipation, poor memory, anti-aging

Notes: not all Chinese herbs are from plants.

6. Eight treasure Chinese multi-grain soup: white rice (soothing stomach), red bean (reduce ankle edema, water retention, wt loss), mung bean(heat stroke, good for fevers, sore throats), lotus seeds (reduce diarrhea, calm heart meridian, help sleep), red dates (tonify blood, calm spirit, high in iron), peanuts (called longevity nut in China),longan pulp(tonify blood, tonify heart and spleen meridian, increase hot energy), goji berry (anti-aging, shape of kidney, tonify kidney, increase sexual energy), millet (high in iron, good for anemia, common food for women right after giving birth in northern china)

7. Weight loss breakfast smoothe: 20-25 g protein (3-4 oz meat products, yogurt, protein powder) is the key to suppress the sugar crave later on during the day; 2-3 whole fresh fruits, lots of fiber, vitC, and antioxidant, keep you high in energy, good for cholesterol too; 1 cup water, help to flush out the body waste. Recipe is on my website www.medicalacupuncturenutrition.com

8. Another tip for wt loss: thick soup made with veggies (such as cabbage, tomato, onion, green pepper, and carrot) and meat (ground meat or sausage or sea food), volume of the food, the key is big volume, and less calories, more info is found in VOLUMATRIC (best seller book for wt loss, written by my advisor Dr. Barbara Rolls from Pennsylvania state University).

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